• History

KYMCO is the abbreviation and a global brand under Kwang Yang Motor Company, headquartered in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
Founded in 1964, KYMCO originally started out with technology transfer from Honda, Japan. With the technical know-how from Honda, KYMCO became one of Honda’s high quality overseas manufacturing facilities. As the relationship developed over the next two decades, Honda increased its business interest in KYMCO and became a significant shareholder of KYMCO.
Mr. Soichiro Honda, the founder of Honda Group, recognized the importance of its KYMCO collaboration and visited KYMCO in Taiwan. Mr. Kwang-Su, Ko, the founder of KYMCO group, had been Mr. Honda’s acquaintance and ally for years.
The first model manufactured by KYMCO was the C200 launched in 1964. The Hao Mai 125, manufactured from 1990 to 2008, was the first model to sell over 1 million units.
In 1992, KYMCO began selling products developed independently from Honda and marketed under KYMCO brand. In 2003, after 28 years of close collaboration with Honda, KYMCO acquired back Honda’s business interest in KYMCO and started focusing on developing and marketing KYMCO’s own brand globally.
KYMCO’s corporate headquarter is located in Kaohsiung, the second largest city in Taiwan. Over the past 50 years, its corporate campus has expanded into an area covering more than 2 million square feet (188,300 square meters), encompassing office buildings as well as manufacturing, testing, research and development facilities.
The KYMCO Group is now comprised of manufacturing facilities and marketing/sales companies in 97 countries worldwide: KYMCO USA and KYMCO HealthCare USA in North America; KYMCO Luxemburg and KYMCO HealthCare UK in Europe; KYMCO Philippines and KYMCO Vietnam in Asia; Changzhou Kwang Yang Motor, Changzhou Kwang Hsing Precise Machine and Changzhou Kawasaki and Kwang Yang Engine Company in China. KYMCO also licenses manufacturing technology to partners in Malaysia, Colombia, Iran, Egypt and Argentina.
The KYMCO Group has invested strategically with key financial industry partners in order to facilitate its global expansion into different industries. Domestically, KYMCO invested in Ta Chong Bank, Capital Securities and Capital Investment Trust. In China, KYMCO established KYMCO Private Equity Management Company to partner with experts in various fields from China, Japan and Taiwan for better local alliances and business development.
KYMCO is committed to being on the forefront of technological research and integration. KYMCO invests in strategic partnerships that specialize in the manufacturing and development of critical parts and materials, These partnerships include: Eternal Materials for chemical and electronic materials, New E Materials for green energy and photonics materials, Kaifa Industrial for motor vehicles suspension system, Toyo Jiang Tsang Electric for vehicle use electronic components, China Ocean Enterprise for ventilation systems and oil filters, Taiwan Keihin Carburetor for carburetor development, and Kwang Ze Technologies for electroplating ceramic surface processing.
KYMCO is dedicated to elevating and exceeding the levels of customer expectation and satisfaction. It created consumer subsidiaries to ensure superior customer services in all aspects of its end-user interaction. These subsidiaries include: Kwang Da, for performance scooter sales in Taiwan, Kwang Dah Trading, for accessories development in Taiwan, Klever Mobility, a pioneer in high-end electric bicycle manufacturing and marketing in Germany, Tai Chi, the sole distributor and marketer of Kawasaki motorcycles in Taiwan, Kwang Xin, for the certification and sales of pre-owned scooters in Taiwan, and Kwang Jet, for the sales and marketing of green vehicles.
The KYMCO Group has been delivering impressive sales results every year. Sales revenues have increased 62% in the past 5 years from $800 million in 2009 to $1.3 billion in 2014. KYMCO expects to continue its consistent growth into the future despite ongoing turbulent global economic fluctuations.
Excellent financial outcomes result from a strong presence in the domestic and worldwide markets. In Taiwan, KYMCO has been the market leader for over 15 years with more than 3,800 dedicated dealers. In 2014, KYMCO’s 42.5% market share was the envy of its competitors.
KYMCO’s expertise resides in the design and development of advanced chassis structure, efficient gasoline engines, electric motor control, and power transmission systems. These core competencies drive the foundation for all research and development of KYMCO’s product range which includes street and sport bikes, scooters, electric scooters, all-terrain vehicles, utility vehicles, generators and mobility scooters.
To diversify its presence in the marketplace, the KYMCO Group has branched out into the medical device industry, offering electric operated vehicles such as mobility scooters and power-wheelchairs under brand names other than KYMCO. KYMCO HealthCare UK, based in Cardiff, UK, has become the market leader of mobility scooters in the UK under the KforU brand name. KforU is now a popular brand in all major European markets. KYMCO HealthCare USA, based in Beverly Hills, California, has been established to repeat the same success for the U.S. market with freshly designed products under the Stars N Stripes brand name.
To promote a greener environment, KYMCO has dedicated enormous efforts into E-vehicles. High-end electric bicycles from KYMCO’s Klever Mobility have earned the highly acclaimed RedDot Award and IF Europe Bike Award by design and industry experts. Furthermore, ExtraEnergy magazine selected Klever as the Best E-bike for businessmen.
The KYMCO Group’s excellence has also been noted by governments and industry-peers in Taiwan, Japan and international trade associations. KYMCO was the first two-wheeler company to ever win the “National Quality Award”. In 2004, KYMCO was named the winner of “Industrial Technology Advancement Award”. In 2006, the Japan JIPM association awarded KYMCO “TPM Award-Special Honor.” In 2007, KYMCO received the “eAsia Award” from the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan.
KYMCO enjoys significant market position in Europe. Revenues generated in Europe account for over 50% of the KYMCO Group’s entire overseas sales. In the scooter market, KYMCO is the market leader in Spain and Germany. In the ATV market, KYMCO is the number one brand in Germany and France.
Research and development has always been central to KYMCO. KYMCO is committed to being on the forefront of creating technologically advanced products to meet the increasing demands of its customers. KYMCO established its R&D center in 1978, and now employs over 500 engineers dedicated to R&D. The total R&D investment has accounted for an average of 7% of the total sales revenue.
Kawasaki’s market position in Taiwan serves as an example of KYMCO’s ability to build strategic alliances with global partners. As the sole distributor and marketer for the heavy motorcycles for Kawasaki in Taiwan, KYMCO has reached the market leader position with continued growth potential in the future.
Global brands such as BMW, Kawasaki and Arctic Cat have also sought strategic alliances with KYMCO. The collaborations and OEM manufacturing relations with these reputable manufacturers have greatly enhanced KYMKO’s brand reputation and technological capabilities.
KYMCO is devoted to win the hearts of consumers all over the world. KYMCO entrusts that the company’s core values – Distinction, Pride, and Persistence -- will achieve the “Win My Heart” recognition it seeks to earn from its consumers. KYMCO will continue to set the industry standard and become one of the most recognized and respected global brands in the world.